A/C FAN – TOYOTA COROLLA AE110/AE100/AE111 1998-2003


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This is a genuine used OEM part. 
The picture shown above may be different from the actual product. To verify specifications you may contact us

Vehicle Fitment
Brand Model Years
Toyota Carina (T170) 1988-1992
Toyota Carina (T210) 1996-2001
Toyota Corolla (E90) 1988-1992
Toyota Corolla (E110) 1995-2000
Toyota Sprinter (E90) 1988-1991
Toyota Sprinter (E110) 1995-2000
Toyota Carina (T190) 1992-1998
Toyota Corona (T170) 1989-1992
Toyota Corolla (E100) 1991-1998
Toyota Corolla Ceres (E100) 1992-1998
Toyota Sprinter (E100) 1992-1998
Toyota Soluna (L50) 1996-2003